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I love new music,
writing + being creative.
Hello, I'm Arron.
As a self-starter, I have always had the drive to succeed.

In an attempt to merge the worlds of music, design and journalism, I am perhaps best known for founding online news brand: RAZMAG™ (Formerly RazorianFly); a hobby which grew to attract a global monthly audience of 120K.

Receiving recognition from a wide range of media publications, including: NYTimes, MacRumors, Mashable, 9to5Mac and Engadget, since my journey began in the summer of 2008 - I would later land lead writing roles at both 148Apps.com and AppBoy.com, becoming responsible for producing feature content and reviews for a millions-strong audience.

Ever meticulous over the details, underpinning all of the above is an inherent love for the way things visually look and sound - and it is this distinct passion that I hold for creating great user experience, which ultimately drives what I do.

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Now in its ninth year, on Feb 1, 2017 - RazorianFly became RAZMAG™.

Birthed from a once infinitesimal web-blog to become an authority brand in Apple and mobile-related reporting, and driven by a personal love for user experience, RAZMAG™ will aim to serve a loyal readership with the technology news and app reviews they have come to expect over the last several years, whilst also catering for a growing online media convergence.

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